Greetings! I am a public health evaluation consultant in the process of shifting my practice from "evaluating health equity" to using evaluation tools and methods in service of racial, gender, and all equities. I have used participatory, capacity-building, equity-focused and developmental approaches to evaluation, and am currently learning how to better integrate my personal values and frameworks into my evaluation practice.

This process involves doing a lot of unlearning as well as learning. My 2021 goal is to center and lead with love. My current understanding of what that looks like: creating and contributing to brave spaces for meaningful and authentic dialogue, building trust and relationships as the foundation for all work, supporting systems of accountability that humanize and connect us rather than dehumanize and separate us, centering justice, centering marginalized voices, lifting up non-dominant knowledge and ways of knowing, fighting materialism and capitalism, and naming the ways white supremacy and oppression wind themselves into our work. I am committed to individual and collective liberation. 


I look forward to sharing more info with you here as my evaluation practice emerges. 

Maddy Frey, MPH
Consulting Services
  • Planning & evaluation

  • Facilitation

  • Evaluation design

  • Evaluation implementation

  • Evaluation coaching

  • Stakeholder engagement




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