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Maddy Frey, MPH


I am a public health evaluation consultant using evaluation tools and methods to help my clients move toward transforming the root causes of the societal conditions their programs are addressing. 

WHO am I?


After working in the fields of public health, evaluation & research, and philanthropy for over a decade, I started a public health evaluation firm in 2016 to provide consulting services for organizational learning, evaluative thinking & tools, and movement toward systems change.


Prior work includes: Cottage Health Hospital Director of Population Health Evaluation (Santa Barbara, CA), Healthcare Georgia Foundation's Evaluation Resource Center Director (Atlanta, GA), Center for Community Health & Evaluation (Seattle, WA), Georgia State University SPH Adjunct Faculty. 

I have a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Washington's community-oriented public health practice program, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in anthropology from Smith College.​

As an athlete and organizer, I have co-founded, led or coached the following organizations: Georgia Tech Wreck, Atlanta Women's Ultimate, Atlanta Outbreak, Atlanta Soul, the Premier Ultimate League, and the Premier Ultimate League Foundation (rebranded as Sports Liberation Collective). 

What SERVICES do I provide?

  • Providing a sounding board for leaders to think through and identify goals and strategies

  • Clarify organizational or programmatic vision and theory of change, underlying values, and historical context, specifically policies that may have contributed to inequities the organization is addressing

  • Strengthening organizational culture around shared values

  • Determining the people or communities to whom an organization or program is accountable to, and aligning programs, strategies and operations accordingly

  • Creating and institutionalizing processes that move toward participant ownership of program planning, implementation and evaluation processes.

  • Developing or refining strategic intentions, program goals, and resources needed

  • Testing assumptions made between proposed activities and proposed outcomes

  • Putting in place strategic and ample opportunities for pausing, reflecting, learning, and adapting (e.g., process evaluation - are we able to implement programs as we intended, and if not why not?)

  • Creating, refining, and/or embedding evaluative processes that detect progress toward key indicators of success (e.g., outcome evaluation - to what extent are we able to detect progress toward our definition of success?)

  • Developing and refining data collection and analysis systems

  • Getting program or organizational staff on the same page with regard to key terms such as: evaluation, impact, indicators, outcomes, values, organizational culture, power, race, racism, systems, equity, equality, inclusion, diversity, etc.

HOW I work is constantly evolving as we progress through this incredibly complex and evolving phase of humankind. 

  • I use participatory, capacity-building, equity-focused and developmental approaches to evaluation.

  • I’m shifting away from "evaluating health equity" as an outcome, and toward using evaluation tools and methods in service of racial, gender, socioeconomic, and other forms of equity.

  • As an organizational partner and evaluator, I strive to embed myself within (not outside or separate from) the intervention or program being evaluated

  • I work to create a project environment that humanizes everyone and finds common ground, even across our different beliefs and values. 

In my personal commitment to individual and collective liberation, I am attempting to create and contribute to brave spaces for meaningful and authentic dialogue, build trust and relationships as the foundation for all work, support systems of accountability that humanize and connect us rather than dehumanize and separate us, and reflect on and address the ways white supremacy culture and oppression wind themselves into our lives & work. 

I look forward to sharing more info with you here as my evaluation practice emerges. 

What are the NEXT STEPS?

Let's work together!

In our first conversation(s), I'll ask you a series of questions as you share your hopes and dreams for your programs,

strategies and organizations.

From there, we will determine if I am the right fit for this project. If yes, I will develop a draft scope of work for us to review together.

If not, I will try to recommend a colleague who may be a better fit.   

Because the environments in which we live are constantly evolving and changing, so will our work together.

The scope of work provides a starting place for the work, which is grounded in our relationship. 

This work takes time, and can be more fulfilling as organizations grow increasingly confident about the relevance, ethics, and impact of their work. 

Please give me a call or email to schedule our first meeting.


Current clients: Wholesome Wave Georgia, The Network for Public Health Law (Boston, MA), Raising the Bar Performance Group (Columbus, OH), and HealthMPowers (Georgia)

Past clients: YWCA of Atlanta, Georgia Health Policy Center, the Center for Community Health and Evaluation (Seattle, WA), Food Well Alliance (Atlanta, GA), Cottage Health (Santa Barbara), Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (Princeton, NJ), Spin Ultimate (Atlanta, GA), GA Center for Oncology Research & Education, TechBridge/Morehouse School of Medicine (Atlanta, GA), A-Cubed Consulting/Kaiser Permanente (Los Angeles, CA), and Community Evaluation Solutions/Hemophilia of Georgia. 

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